Live from DC

Well ladies and gentlemen; it has definitely been a busy two weeks. I apologize for the lack of posts. Hopefully I can cover everything that has happened.

To begin with, I am feeling much better than I was the last time I made a post. Thank goodness for Mucinex and cough drops!

June 9-12

On Thursday, I had the chance to sit in on a Women in Agriculture meeting here at AFBF, which was very interesting. Sitting in a room full of independent, driven, and intelligent women just drove home the pride I have in the industry of agriculture and my desire to be a part of it.

After work on Friday, I went with a friend to Jazz in the Garden. We enjoyed great jazz music and even better Sangria. I don’t think there was a bare space of grass in the entire garden, as there were so many people. I parted ways with my friend with the intention of meeting up with another friend, but it just so happened we missed each other. So I headed to the metro, only to run into my other friend again. We heard there was a small concert at the capitol, so we took off in that direction. We arrived shortly as they were beginning, but the best part of it was watching the sunset from the capitol. Best sight ever. After the concert, we headed our separate directions and I headed home. The metro got me to Pentagon City, but as I rounded the corner, headed to the bus stop, I watched as my bus pulled away. That is the most helpless feeling ever. So I sat for another 30 minutes waiting for the next bus. It was a good think I had my Kindle or I would have been very bored.

Saturday morning, I got up and headed into town to check out the Native American Museum. I had so much fun walking through the exhibits. With four stories, it definitely didn’t disappoint. I made my way through the history of different Native American tribes. I spent approximately four hours walking around the giant museum and I’m pretty sure I still missed a few things. After finishing up at the museum, I headed home to get ready to go see the National Symphony Orchestra.

I am in complete awe of the amazing talent the individuals in the NSO possess.  Sitting just four rows from the stage, I could see every movement by the violin players. I really wish I had taken an interest in musical instruments at a young age, so that I could play today. Anyway, I had an absolutely fantastic time at the orchestra. Afterwards, we took a walk around DC. Not exactly the best decision in the world, as I had high heels on. The blisters on my feet the next day were ridiculous. However the city at night is the most amazing/beautiful thing you will ever see. I don’t think I could ever tire of seeing it all lit up. The blisters were totally worth it.

June 13-17

On the following Monday, I attended my first DC Ag Intern Network event. My fellow interns and I traveled the short distance to CropLife America headquarters, where we met other agriculture interns in DC, enjoyed some awesome tacos, and listened to a presentation about chemical application and pests. It was a very interesting discussion. We were also educated on a recent campaign by CropLife America, called #AgLoudAgProud. They are encouraging individuals to show their agriculture pride by posting pictures to social media with the Ag Loud Ag Proud hashtag. So of course, all the AFBF interns took an obligatory picture sporting our #AgLoudAgProud paraphernalia. I am definitely looking forward to the next Ag Intern Network event, which happens to be at AFBF.

The next evening, I along with the other interns had the chance to eat dinner with the Minnesota Farm Bureau President, while he was in town testifying on behalf of AFBF. We ate at a place near the capitol building, called The Monocle and it was fantastic. Also joining us, were President Paap’s wife and the Oregon Farm Bureau President. Throughout the evening President Papp, his wife and the Oregon FB President gave us advice to make the most of our time in DC, shared many interesting stories, and got to know us a little better. It was a wonderful evening.

The following day after work, I made the trek to Fort Myer to see Twilight Tattoo, an hour long show about the history of the army, featuring actual soldiers. After getting off the Metro at Clarendon, I made the mile long walk to the base entrance. Once again I did not wear the correct shoes. Although this time they were flats, I had yet to break them in. Shortly after finding my seat, I found that my heel was bleeding and blood was everywhere. Yay…. However once the show started, thoughts of my foot slipped away. It was very cool. Over the course of the show we traveled through several major wars, listened to the Army Band play some amazing music and overall saw a really neat show. After it concluded, they allowed the audience to actually go and interact with the costumed soldiers. So of course I went and took pictures with them in their various wardrobes.

Afterwards, I went and ate dinner with a few friends. When dinner was over we headed back to the car only to find that the driver had forgotten to turn the headlights off and the battery was dead… So that was fun. Thankfully they had a friend who was awesome enough to come jump us off. Afterwards we went to McDonalds to get food for another of their friends and to celebrate I got sweet tea. Let me tell you, sweet tea is hard to come by here in DC, and that glass of sweet tea was the best I have had in a long time. I savored every last drop.

Friday, after work, my fellow interns and I hit up Jazz in the Garden again. We forgot to grab a blanket or beach towel, so we just sat under a tree. Shortly after arriving though, I had to leave to meet up with a friend to have dinner. So I made my way to Rosslyn and from there to Georgetown. I can’t recall the name of the restaurant we ate at, but it was amazing; the company was better though. After dinner, we were thinking of hitting up a movie, but most of the movies weren’t playing for a few hours. So we decided to walk down to DC. Along the way I was educated on various DC History and cool facts. Like did you know there is an ordinance that no building in DC can be taller than the Capitol? Now you do! Anyway, we made our way down to the Washington Monument, spent a few minutes talking there and then made the walk back to Georgetown. All in all it was a wonderful evening.

June 18-22

On Saturday, I got up early and went for a run and then headed out to adventure. The destination was the National Gallery of Art. Arriving around 10am, I spent the next 3 hours perusing the painting and statues; even fangirling over several painting by Claude Monet. After making my way through the entire art gallery, I went in search of food. Food trucks are very convenient in DC and they are actually really good, so for lunch I got food at a food truck. I found a nice place to sit under a tree and enjoyed the beautiful weather and my lunch. Afterwards, I was feeling slightly tired, so I headed back to the apartment, only to arrive and decide to head to the pool. So I packed up a small tote and made my way to the pool to enjoy soaking in the sun for a few hours before calling it a day.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. I did get to FaceTime with my family, which was very much needed. Not only were Mom, Dad, and Matt at home, but so were both sets of grandparents. It was so great to catch up with everyone and get a chance to talk to them. Then to top off the call, I got to see my baby – Hank. I miss him so much. Only a few more weeks till I fly home for a conference, and I am definitely counting down the days till I get to come home.

Monday was quiet in the office. Tuesday after work I met up with a friend and tried a new restaurant. Super good food! I have come to find that DC and northern Virginia have some really awesome eateries.

That should catch up everything. I will try to be better about staying updated!



Radio Silence

Sorry for my lack of posts over the past week. Between work and fighting a terrible battle with allergies, my adventures have been very slim and uneventful. However I shall give you a quick overview of the past week.

Last Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful. I went to work and came home to prepare meals and outfits for the following days and start planning my adventures for the weekend. On Friday, my fellow interns and I had made plans to attend Jazz in the Park, but due to pouring rain, we decided against it and went out to eat instead. We took the metro to DuPont Circle and rode the longest escalator I have ever ridden in my life to the street (No lie, it was like 3 stories high). For dinner, we took the recommendation of one of our fellow coworkers and at a Mexican restaurant by the name of Mission. It was very good! By the time our food had been delivered and devoured, it was getting late so I said my goodbyes to the girls and took the metro-rail back to Pentagon City. Sadly I had missed the last shuttle back to the apartment complex, leaving me to figure out the bus system for the first time. So following the directions on my phone, I found the nearest bus to take me back to the apartment and waited patiently. A few minutes later, the bus arrived and I hopped on. As we neared the apartment, I noticed that when someone wanted to get off at the next bus stop, they would press on these yellow bars placed throughout the bus. Thank goodness I noticed it, because if not, I would have been riding around for an eternity. When you press the button, it signals to the driver that a passenger wants off (there really should have been signs with directions for how this works so newbies like me don’t stay on for a joy ride). Thank goodness, I made it to the correct stop and signaled my need to get off.

On Saturday, I got up and got ready and headed to the National Mall for some more sight-seeing. My first stop was Hirshhorn Art Gallery. It featured video exhibits, which may I say were just plain odd. From talking lips to a recreation of President Barack Obama’s speech, it was simply bizarre. Moving up a floor, I encountered paintings (if they could even be called that) with one or two horizontal lines upon them. I enjoy art, I really do, but I don’t consider that as art. I can paint a line on a canvas and I promise you, no one would call it art. They would ask me where the rest of the picture is. Nevertheless, I pushed onward. My favorite part of the museum was on the bottom level, where on all the walls, the floor and the ceiling there were quotes and inspirational sayings. It definitely made the stop much more enjoyable. It was a little after noon, when I left Hirshhorn on the search for my next stop. Walking a short ways I found myself at the National Museum of Native American History. I meandered through exhibit after exhibit till I had seen all 4 floors of the museum. By that time it was around 4 p.m. I decided I had had enough for the day and began my journey home. After arriving at the Federal Center Metro, I got on a blue line and waited patiently for the short ride home… Well I thought it was going to be short. We arrived at the next stop, L’Enfant Plaza and sat for 15 min at the station. Thinking I could catch a yellow line and be home even sooner, I exited the train and prepared to switch lines. After arriving to the upper platform I quickly found that the yellow line trains were not operating due to a flooding issue. Making my way back down to the lower platform I found that the blue line train I had been on, had already left. So began my wait. A short fifteen minutes later, the next blue line train arrived and I got on with the hopes it wouldn’t take long to get home. I was sadly mistaken. What is normally a 10-15 minute ride on the blue line, turned into a 35 minute ride to Pentagon City. Finally we made it to the station and I exited and headed home via bus.

I had planned to go see Me Before You that evening, but my plans were deterred when I was invited line dancing. So of course I had to go! After grabbing my boots out of my closet (who were feeling slightly neglected, as I haven’t worn them since I arrived to DC), I slipped them on and headed out. We arrived to our destination just in time for the line dance lessons. Now let me tell you, I know a few line dances, but these people didn’t mess around. Three new line dances later and I was still tripping over my feet over the first one. It was so much fun though! We realized there was a karaoke stage in the back and I may or may not have graced everyone with my terrible singing voice. Along with the karaoke, people were dancing in partners on the dance floor. So we two-stepped our hearts out. Overall it was a very successful evening!

As the week had come to an end, I noticed my throat had begun to hurt and I had some drainage, so I started taking allergy medicine to help prevent anything further from occurring. Yet my efforts to avoid the problem failed. On Sunday, I woke up to find I did not have a voice. Yet I persevered and made the walk to church. Upon arrival, I found a seat and got out a few cough drops in the case I needed them throughout the service. While we passed the peace, all I could do was whisper my name and then apologize for my lack of a voice. However it was in the middle of the sermon when I endured the worst coughing fit I had had yet. Despite the cough drops, a tickle in the back of my throat had me in tears and coughing up a storm. Finally after I had thought about leaving to get water, the coughing subsided and I could breathe fine again. After the service, I quickly exited, hoping no one thought I had the plague. After the short walk back, I laid around for a bit, hoping to feel just a little bit better. Feeling extremely bored, I decided to go see Me Before You, the movie I had intended on seeing the previous evening. So I called my chauffeur and waited for my ride.

Upon arrival, I found myself in movie heaven. No lie. This movie theatre was ahhmazing. Big cushioned chairs, with footrest that raised at the push of a button, and little trays for food. It was very comfortable. The movie itself was pretty good. Usually when I go to watch a movie about a book I’ve read, I get disappointed. However this producers did a good job keeping the movie similar to the book. I only noticed a few things that weren’t in the movie, but it still kept to the storyline.

After the movie, I was feeling really tired so I was chauffeured home and I prepared everything for the following work day. On Monday and Tuesday, I went to work, came home, laid around and did nothing, took medicine and prayed I would feel better. Today I woke up feeling slightly better. My voice is still scratchy and I am still working on getting the allergy problem better, but I have a little more energy than I had the previous days!

Today at work I had the chance to cover a story at one of the Smithsonian Museums. Once a month, the Museum of American History hosts “Ask a Farmer.” The event is held in one of the exhibit halls and it consists of a video chat an actual farmer. The coordinators allow passing patrons and those viewing to ask questions about American agriculture today! Although not many people took interest in it today, I came across a familiar name while doing research for the assignment. Batey Farms, in Murfreesboro, were featured last fall and had over 100 people sit in on their video chat. So cool!

Anyway, things are beginning to pick up with work and I quite enjoy everything I’ve been doing so far! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling back to 100%. Well ladies and gentlemen, that is all I have to report for this past week. I hope you’ve enjoyed! More adventures to come this weekend!

Days 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17: Other than being slightly under the weather, they’ve been alright.


First Day

Well today was the first day of my internship. With my business professional outfit on and purse packed with everything from lunch to my notebook, I headed out the door. Arriving slightly early, I had to sit in the dreaded wait area for a little while. However shortly after I arrived another intern walked through the doors, allowing us time to meet each other. After basic introductions and a few minutes of conversing, the receptionist called our respective departments. I was then taken down to the Communications department. On the way there, my internship coordinator showed me around a little. Once we made it to the department, I was introduced to many different people. So many in fact that I don’t quite remember all of their names. Afterwards I was whisked from one meeting to the next. From a meeting with the new interns, to a lunch meeting, to a communications department meeting, and then a meeting with my internship coordinator.

In the meeting with my internship coordinator, I was given my first string of assignments to complete. Looks like I will be busy the next few days! I am very excited to get started.

Not much else to report, it was a pretty good day!

Day 9: Pretty good! (No pictures today)



DSC02813I’ve been busy the past few days and haven’t quite had the opportunity to sit down and write out a blog post, but after today’s adventures I knew I had to. So let me begin by catching you up on the past few days.

On Friday, I set off to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and a few other smaller monuments at the National Mall. However scoping out my route beforehand, I decided to stop at the White House first. Of course, I didn’t get very close, but I was close enough to snap a few pictures with my phone. While making my way to my next destination I was asked to take a picture by a man and his son, and received an interesting question. The lovely man asked if I happened to be a local of DC and if I knew any good things to see before I left. I was quick to tell him I was just here for the summer, but nevertheless I could definitely get used to being called a local.

Upon arriving to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, I pulled out my camera and began snapping pictures. Only to find that I had forgotten to put my SD card back into my camera after downloading them onto my computer on Thursday. However do not fear, I then pulled out my phone to take pictures. After taking my time appreciating the wall of names of those who payed the ultimate sacrifice in the Vietnam war, I made my way to the Lincoln Memorial. Lucky for me a class of 5th graders stood on the steps in the front of the monument and one by one they took a stand at the podium located on the steps and began reciting parts of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Children from all walks of life reciting the monumental speech left me speechless. Wanting to post it later, I began recording with my phone. Only to find that 33 seconds in, my phone had no more memory available. Talk about a bummer! However instead of getting upset, I took it as a sign to enjoy the day before me instead of stuck behind a camera.

After walking to a few more monuments and even taking a moment to sit down beneath a shady tree and read a part of a book, I began making my way to the opposite side of the National Mall. On my way, I stumbled upon the USDA Farmers Market which is only open on Fridays till 2 p.m. With the time being close to 1:55 p.m. I quickly perused the booths, and then returned to a booth I had my eye on to buy some blackberry jam from a nice gentleman from Pennsylvania (I have yet to try the jam, but I will be sure to let you know how it goes).

After a quick bite to eat, it was time to head back to the apartment to meet up with a friend I graduated with, who now lives in Arlington. Yep, that’s right. I know someone here! Yay! He had been home for a wedding and kindly brought me the things I had forgotten as well. Talk about a blessing! For kindly bringing me my things, I made dinner as a thank you. Yes, I can cook and no we didn’t die! Because if we had, then I wouldn’t have been bored majority of Saturday.

I say I was bored because the shuttle from the apartment complex to the Metro doesn’t run on the weekends and I am not yet brave enough to figure out the bus system. So I spent the day catching up on a little work and watching Netflix. I know, boring. Kindly enough my friend invited me to cookout with him and a few of his friends, which I gladly accepted to escape the confines of the apartment. Amusingly enough, none of them really knew how to grill on a charcoal grill. It was a very interesting time!

After our meal had been had, I was chauffeured home. I then began my search for the nearest church. The closest United Methodist Church in my area was 26 minutes by foot, no big deal right? Not exactly. Majority of my walk there was uphill and by the time I arrived I was sweating quite nicely. However the people of Calvary United Methodist Church made it all worth it. I was greeted by a very nice older gentlemen at the door who quickly ushered me in and began asking about myself. After revealing a little about why I was in D.C. for the summer and where I was from, he told me he was actually from Kentucky originally and had family in Tennessee. It’s odd how the world works. After receiving a welcome gift, I found a seat and waited for the service to begin. The sanctuary was absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful glass windows added color and character, the organ pipes were aligned behind the choir seats in an orderly fashion, and the people made it all the more better. I was surprised to find the congregation wasn’t ginormous, that it was a relatively smaller church for the area. While passing the peace, I met a nice woman who handed me her business card and told me if I ever needed anything to let her know and further invited me to a young professionals lunch held once a month. After evaluating her business card, I was surprised to find she works in communications and PR! Lucky me, not only do I meet wonderful people, but they are also interested in the same things as me. After a wonderful sermon by the pastor and the conclusion of the service, I was invited to coffee and snacks in the fellowship hall. Taking the offer, I met more wonderful people and enjoyed a light snack. I am now looking forward to the walk to the church every Sunday!

After church, I cleaned the apartment and began preparing for the big week. The week I start my internship! YAY!

Now to the current day. Memorial Day. My one goal today was to go to Arlington Cemetery and thankfully I did. It’s a good thing I have a friend here or I wouldn’t have had the chance. He was kind enough to drive me to the cemetery and then walk throughout and even take me on a tour to see more sights!

Majority of the morning was spent walking throughout Arlington Cemetery. Every headstone sporting its own American Flag. The line to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, weaving throughout and going on for what seemed like forever. There are many headstones with names and ranks throughout the cemetery, but there are also many headstones with the words “unknown” engraved upon them. Let us not forget the men and women whose names we do not know who gave up their lives, so that we could have ours. Let us not forget the families, who will never see their loved ones again, so that we could be with ours. We shouldn’t just be thankful one day of the year for these men and women who gave all. We should be thankful every day for them, because they paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedoms. We are so blessed to live in the land of the free because of the brave.

After visiting a few monuments and memorials I missed the other day at Arlington cemetery, we began our walk to Roosevelt Island. If I didn’t already think I was out of shape, then it was definitely confirmed on our walk there. However we finally made it and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The statue of Teddy Roosevelt stood tall among the trees and surrounding him were fountains and pillars.The four pillars being – Nature, Manhood, Youth, and The State. On each of the pillars were quotes, which related to each.

Hungry and in desperate need of water, we made our way back. Stopping at Wiseguy NY Pizza, we were greeted by the delicious smells and 40’s music. Not only was the pizza delicious but the pizzeria had a very cool vibe. It was definitely a good decision on our part.

After finally making it back to the vehicle, I was taken to my home away from home, where I began preparing for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I begin my internship. I may be nervous, but I have my power outfit ironed and ready, my lunch packed, and my purse is packed with all the necessities. Let’s hope all goes well tomorrow!

Days 5, 6, 7 & 8: Not too shabby if I do say so myself


Thankfully the weather was very good today… A little too good. I am now a very nice shade of red thanks to the beautiful sunny day we were given. Nevertheless, I will not let my sunburn get me down after my wonderful day exploring.

My goal for today was to visit Arlington Cemetery and I can now say that goal has been met successfully! At any given time withing the cemetery you can look around you and in all directions you will find the white headstones. It is a humbling experience. As I walked throughout, the number of headstones with “Unknown” written upon them was astounding. Knowing that there were people who didn’t have the opportunity to put their loved ones to rest is extremely saddening. At least twice throughout the day, I heard shots fired as more individuals were laid to rest.

My first stop in Arlington Cemetery was the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, which was beautiful on the outside. On the front was a beautiful water fountain and pool in an arch shape. Stairways throughout led to a balcony of sorts on the top of the memorial, where quotes were engraved into the glass of the ceiling of the building. Inside were different exhibits dedicated to different time periods and branches of the military. However the part that impacted me the most was the hanging keys. Each key represented a woman who died in action. It was a very eye-opening exhibit.

As I traveled deeper into the cemetery, I came to the John F. Kennedy Memorial and burial site. Here I found slabs of marble with quotes engraved and many, many school groups. Moving further up the hill, I came to the Arlington House, which serves as the Robert E. Lee Memorial. After I had taken a quick tour of the inside of the house, I walked out to explore more of the grounds only to be scared half to death. All at once an alarm began sounding and what sounded to be small explosions began occurring. After a good minute, the alarm cut off and I no longer heard the explosion sounds. Come to find out, the alarm was for the basement of the Arlington House. However I never found out what the explosion noise was.

After a few smaller memorials, I found myself at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, just in time for the changing of the guards. The respect was evident in the silence of the crowd. Once the guards had traded places, I journeyed inside the memorial, where I was greeted by an information overload. Honorary metals from numerous nations have been presented to the unknown soldier. The decoration of the unknown soldiers tomb had a part in the creation of Memorial Day (which is only a few days away!).

By 11:30 A.M. I had walked 5 miles, according to my Fitbit, which explained why my feet were aching so early in the day. However I was bound to see as much as possible before the day was up. So I persevered. My next stop was the Iwo Jima Monument and Marine Memorial. The iconic statue of the marines erecting the U.S. flag did not disappoint!

Seeing all that I could in Arlington, I walked the bridge to D.C. and began my exploration. The first monument I came to was the Korean War Memorial. The Korean War Memorial consisted of numerous statues of soldiers and a small pool of water. The highlight of this specific stop though was several soldiers whom had served in the Korean War, who were visiting the Monument.

Next stop – Lincoln Memorial! A short walk later, I made my way to the Lincoln Memorial, where I was greeted by what seemed to be 200 middle schoolers. Needless to say, my visit was short and to the point. A few pictures later, I was on my way and on the search for food.

After a quick bite to eat, I made my way to the WWII Memorial. I spent a little more time here than elsewhere, because it was simply too beautiful to leave. However I began feeling slightly parched and then went in search of water to quench my thirst. With water in hand, and sweat dripping off my forehead, I began my search for air conditioning. Stumbling upon the Freer-Sackler Gallery, I ducked inside for some much needed cool air. I now understand why people sit and observe artwork. It’s because their feet hurt from walking nearly seven miles and they have sweat rolling down their back. Needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time meandering around the museum and appreciating the various pieces of art and air conditioning.

Once I had seen all there was to see of the exhibits, I made my way outside to enjoy the Enid A. Haupt Garden. I lost sight of time while enjoying the beautiful flowers and trees in the garden, and then quickly realized it was time to head back to my home away from home. A short walk later I was on the metro and headed back to the apartment.

Day 4: A little crispy, but the day was a success! Over 25,000 steps (10 miles) today, which explains why I am taking an Aleve and going to bed. Looking forward to tomorrow!



Home Sweet Home

After walking till I could no longer feel my feet yesterday, I decided not to travel to far today. Instead I spent the day walking around my new neighborhood and getting a few things done before I start next week.

I was excited to find there is a small park down the road from my apartment, which will make for a good run around the neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhood, I cannot count the number of dogs I have seen today, but my new furry friends are making it just a little easier to not miss Hank.

About three quarters of a mile in the opposite direction from the park is a small grocery store, where I made a pit stop to pick up a few things I forgot to get yesterday. About two hours later I had explored to my hearts content and made my way back to my apartment with groceries in hand. I then set to work on my first project for my internship – create a presentation about myself. An hour and a half later, I had the beginnings of a very impressive presentation if I do say so myself.

All of my hard work had left me hungry, so after a quick bite to eat and some humming and hawing, I decided to take another walk/jog around the neighborhood. A short hour and a half later, my Fitbit alerted me I had met my step goal, so I headed back to the apartment to map out my adventures for tomorrow.

Since the weather is expected to be pretty I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. So with that in mind, I have decided to explore Arlington Cemetery tomorrow. Hopefully, all will go well and the metro rail doesn’t completely confuse me.

Day 3: Very relaxed

(No pictures taken today, but Dad sent me a picture of Hank and a few pictures from yesterday that I took with my phone are below)

Touristy Things

Early this morning we hit the streets with our tourist hats on with the goal to see as much of DC as possible before my family left to go home. So first on the list of touristy things to do – Ride the metro! After a very in-depth explanation of the metro card kiosk by a wonderful attendant and a long time spent standing in front of the metro map trying to decide which line to take, we boarded the metro rail for the first time. A quick ride later we arrived at L’Enfant Plaza and right in front of my office building for the summer.

After committing the easy steps to my office to memory, we headed towards the National Mall and the Smithsonian Museums. Our first stop – The National Air and Space Museum! Approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes later we had walked the ginormous museum and seen everything from the attire of flight attendants throughout the years to fighter planes from different wars.

With an itch to see more and the need to enjoy the weather we walked a little further to the National Sculpture Garden. From odd metal sculptures to silver trees, it proved to be a very interesting walk, leaving us hungry and in search of some air conditioning.

We then found ourselves inside the National Museum of Natural History. After a quick stop in the food court, we took off to discover the depths of the museum. Instantly, I fell in love with the photography exhibit. The beautiful photographs of animals and scenery from across the world took my breath away. From wild animals in South America to images of the Aurora Borealis, they were truly stunning. Once I was drug out of the photography exhibit, we visited the infamous creatures from a time we don’t remember. The dinosaur exhibit was very neat, even featuring a working lab, where visitors can view various discoveries. On to gem and rock exhibits, featuring so many different variations of gems and jewels one couldn’t even imagine. Making our way to the animal and marine exhibits, where we had the chance to see some of my brothers family (the monkeys and gorillas) and see all the marine life you could ever want to see. Walking and seeing till our feet hurt, we decided it was about time to wrap up our time at the National Museum of Natural History. After saying goodbye to the elephant in the main lobby, we found ourselves walking towards the Washington Monument. After many pictures were snapped of the national icon, we decided to call it a day.

Walking past the Department of Agriculture on our way to the metro, I snapped a few quick pictures and then headed underground to our snazzy ride. After picking up the car, we made our way to a grocery store to stock up on food and other items one would need. Then back to the apartment to unload and say the dreaded goodbyes.

After the hugs were given and the goodbyes said, my parents drove off into the sunset, leaving me standing on the sidewalk… Ok so maybe it wasn’t like that, but it was still pretty rough. Tomorrow will be the true test, I will be navigating the city on my own for the first time. With map in hand, I am as ready as I’m going to be. DC, I’m coming for you!


Day 2 – AAAAMMMAAAZZZZIINNNNGGGGG! Minus saying goodbye (See pictures from our day below!).


Welcome To Washington D.C.

Welcome to DC

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have arrived to my home for the next 2 and a half months, Washington D.C.! For those of you are wondering “why is she in D.C.,” let me explain. I have received the wonderful opportunity of interning in the communications department for a major agricultural company. Somehow the stars aligned and I was chosen for this amazing experience. With that being said, I told many of my friends and family I would keep them updated on my adventures in our Nation’s Capitol, so I decided to write blog posts to share my journey.

On Sunday, mom, dad, Matt and I piled in the car, along with 3 suitcases and numerous other odds and ends and started our journey north. We stopped about 100 miles south of our destination to rest for the night and then started out again on Monday morning. We arrived at my new home away around midmorning and began unpacking the ginormous suitcases I had decided I just had to have, only to realize I had forgotten a bag full of dresses and several other little things (It’s hard packing for 2 and a half months, without forgetting something!). Needless to say, mom promised to FedEx them to me when she got home.

After we had finished unpacking and tidying up the room, we went exploring. With my apartment being a good ways away from the heart of D.C. we chose to drive into town. As we crossed the bridge from VA to D.C., the Washington Monument was standing tall and proud, flooding me with an intense feeling of patriotism and love for our wonderful Nation. People from all ethnicities and ages lined the streets, taking pictures of the icons of D.C., exploring the depths of the National Mall. As we navigated the streets of the city, we passed by many of the Smithsonian museums, leaving Matt itching to get out and explore. However, no exploring could happen on an empty stomach! First stop – lunch!

After lunch, the rain began to fall and our adventuring was cut short. Once again, we drove through the streets of D.C., getting lost along the way and then finding our way back. After securing a hotel room for my family, we made a quick stop at a grocery store to get a few odds and ends and then back to the apartment. I’d have to say my first day here, hasn’t been all that shabby, but with the promise of more exploring tomorrow, I am definitely looking forward to it just a little more!

Day 1 – Success!