Radio Silence

Sorry for my lack of posts over the past week. Between work and fighting a terrible battle with allergies, my adventures have been very slim and uneventful. However I shall give you a quick overview of the past week.

Last Wednesday and Thursday were uneventful. I went to work and came home to prepare meals and outfits for the following days and start planning my adventures for the weekend. On Friday, my fellow interns and I had made plans to attend Jazz in the Park, but due to pouring rain, we decided against it and went out to eat instead. We took the metro to DuPont Circle and rode the longest escalator I have ever ridden in my life to the street (No lie, it was like 3 stories high). For dinner, we took the recommendation of one of our fellow coworkers and at a Mexican restaurant by the name of Mission. It was very good! By the time our food had been delivered and devoured, it was getting late so I said my goodbyes to the girls and took the metro-rail back to Pentagon City. Sadly I had missed the last shuttle back to the apartment complex, leaving me to figure out the bus system for the first time. So following the directions on my phone, I found the nearest bus to take me back to the apartment and waited patiently. A few minutes later, the bus arrived and I hopped on. As we neared the apartment, I noticed that when someone wanted to get off at the next bus stop, they would press on these yellow bars placed throughout the bus. Thank goodness I noticed it, because if not, I would have been riding around for an eternity. When you press the button, it signals to the driver that a passenger wants off (there really should have been signs with directions for how this works so newbies like me don’t stay on for a joy ride). Thank goodness, I made it to the correct stop and signaled my need to get off.

On Saturday, I got up and got ready and headed to the National Mall for some more sight-seeing. My first stop was Hirshhorn Art Gallery. It featured video exhibits, which may I say were just plain odd. From talking lips to a recreation of President Barack Obama’s speech, it was simply bizarre. Moving up a floor, I encountered paintings (if they could even be called that) with one or two horizontal lines upon them. I enjoy art, I really do, but I don’t consider that as art. I can paint a line on a canvas and I promise you, no one would call it art. They would ask me where the rest of the picture is. Nevertheless, I pushed onward. My favorite part of the museum was on the bottom level, where on all the walls, the floor and the ceiling there were quotes and inspirational sayings. It definitely made the stop much more enjoyable. It was a little after noon, when I left Hirshhorn on the search for my next stop. Walking a short ways I found myself at the National Museum of Native American History. I meandered through exhibit after exhibit till I had seen all 4 floors of the museum. By that time it was around 4 p.m. I decided I had had enough for the day and began my journey home. After arriving at the Federal Center Metro, I got on a blue line and waited patiently for the short ride home… Well I thought it was going to be short. We arrived at the next stop, L’Enfant Plaza and sat for 15 min at the station. Thinking I could catch a yellow line and be home even sooner, I exited the train and prepared to switch lines. After arriving to the upper platform I quickly found that the yellow line trains were not operating due to a flooding issue. Making my way back down to the lower platform I found that the blue line train I had been on, had already left. So began my wait. A short fifteen minutes later, the next blue line train arrived and I got on with the hopes it wouldn’t take long to get home. I was sadly mistaken. What is normally a 10-15 minute ride on the blue line, turned into a 35 minute ride to Pentagon City. Finally we made it to the station and I exited and headed home via bus.

I had planned to go see Me Before You that evening, but my plans were deterred when I was invited line dancing. So of course I had to go! After grabbing my boots out of my closet (who were feeling slightly neglected, as I haven’t worn them since I arrived to DC), I slipped them on and headed out. We arrived to our destination just in time for the line dance lessons. Now let me tell you, I know a few line dances, but these people didn’t mess around. Three new line dances later and I was still tripping over my feet over the first one. It was so much fun though! We realized there was a karaoke stage in the back and I may or may not have graced everyone with my terrible singing voice. Along with the karaoke, people were dancing in partners on the dance floor. So we two-stepped our hearts out. Overall it was a very successful evening!

As the week had come to an end, I noticed my throat had begun to hurt and I had some drainage, so I started taking allergy medicine to help prevent anything further from occurring. Yet my efforts to avoid the problem failed. On Sunday, I woke up to find I did not have a voice. Yet I persevered and made the walk to church. Upon arrival, I found a seat and got out a few cough drops in the case I needed them throughout the service. While we passed the peace, all I could do was whisper my name and then apologize for my lack of a voice. However it was in the middle of the sermon when I endured the worst coughing fit I had had yet. Despite the cough drops, a tickle in the back of my throat had me in tears and coughing up a storm. Finally after I had thought about leaving to get water, the coughing subsided and I could breathe fine again. After the service, I quickly exited, hoping no one thought I had the plague. After the short walk back, I laid around for a bit, hoping to feel just a little bit better. Feeling extremely bored, I decided to go see Me Before You, the movie I had intended on seeing the previous evening. So I called my chauffeur and waited for my ride.

Upon arrival, I found myself in movie heaven. No lie. This movie theatre was ahhmazing. Big cushioned chairs, with footrest that raised at the push of a button, and little trays for food. It was very comfortable. The movie itself was pretty good. Usually when I go to watch a movie about a book I’ve read, I get disappointed. However this producers did a good job keeping the movie similar to the book. I only noticed a few things that weren’t in the movie, but it still kept to the storyline.

After the movie, I was feeling really tired so I was chauffeured home and I prepared everything for the following work day. On Monday and Tuesday, I went to work, came home, laid around and did nothing, took medicine and prayed I would feel better. Today I woke up feeling slightly better. My voice is still scratchy and I am still working on getting the allergy problem better, but I have a little more energy than I had the previous days!

Today at work I had the chance to cover a story at one of the Smithsonian Museums. Once a month, the Museum of American History hosts “Ask a Farmer.” The event is held in one of the exhibit halls and it consists of a video chat an actual farmer. The coordinators allow passing patrons and those viewing to ask questions about American agriculture today! Although not many people took interest in it today, I came across a familiar name while doing research for the assignment. Batey Farms, in Murfreesboro, were featured last fall and had over 100 people sit in on their video chat. So cool!

Anyway, things are beginning to pick up with work and I quite enjoy everything I’ve been doing so far! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling back to 100%. Well ladies and gentlemen, that is all I have to report for this past week. I hope you’ve enjoyed! More adventures to come this weekend!

Days 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17: Other than being slightly under the weather, they’ve been alright.



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