First Day

Well today was the first day of my internship. With my business professional outfit on and purse packed with everything from lunch to my notebook, I headed out the door. Arriving slightly early, I had to sit in the dreaded wait area for a little while. However shortly after I arrived another intern walked through the doors, allowing us time to meet each other. After basic introductions and a few minutes of conversing, the receptionist called our respective departments. I was then taken down to the Communications department. On the way there, my internship coordinator showed me around a little. Once we made it to the department, I was introduced to many different people. So many in fact that I don’t quite remember all of their names. Afterwards I was whisked from one meeting to the next. From a meeting with the new interns, to a lunch meeting, to a communications department meeting, and then a meeting with my internship coordinator.

In the meeting with my internship coordinator, I was given my first string of assignments to complete. Looks like I will be busy the next few days! I am very excited to get started.

Not much else to report, it was a pretty good day!

Day 9: Pretty good! (No pictures today)



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