Welcome To Washington D.C.

Welcome to DC

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have arrived to my home for the next 2 and a half months, Washington D.C.! For those of you are wondering “why is she in D.C.,” let me explain. I have received the wonderful opportunity of interning in the communications department for a major agricultural company. Somehow the stars aligned and I was chosen for this amazing experience. With that being said, I told many of my friends and family I would keep them updated on my adventures in our Nation’s Capitol, so I decided to write blog posts to share my journey.

On Sunday, mom, dad, Matt and I piled in the car, along with 3 suitcases and numerous other odds and ends and started our journey north. We stopped about 100 miles south of our destination to rest for the night and then started out again on Monday morning. We arrived at my new home away around midmorning and began unpacking the ginormous suitcases I had decided I just had to have, only to realize I had forgotten a bag full of dresses and several other little things (It’s hard packing for 2 and a half months, without forgetting something!). Needless to say, mom promised to FedEx them to me when she got home.

After we had finished unpacking and tidying up the room, we went exploring. With my apartment being a good ways away from the heart of D.C. we chose to drive into town. As we crossed the bridge from VA to D.C., the Washington Monument was standing tall and proud, flooding me with an intense feeling of patriotism and love for our wonderful Nation. People from all ethnicities and ages lined the streets, taking pictures of the icons of D.C., exploring the depths of the National Mall. As we navigated the streets of the city, we passed by many of the Smithsonian museums, leaving Matt itching to get out and explore. However, no exploring could happen on an empty stomach! First stop – lunch!

After lunch, the rain began to fall and our adventuring was cut short. Once again, we drove through the streets of D.C., getting lost along the way and then finding our way back. After securing a hotel room for my family, we made a quick stop at a grocery store to get a few odds and ends and then back to the apartment. I’d have to say my first day here, hasn’t been all that shabby, but with the promise of more exploring tomorrow, I am definitely looking forward to it just a little more!

Day 1 – Success!


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